Kumar Painter Mukerian

Mr Baldev Kumar popularly known as Kumar painter. Kumar Painter providing such services not only to the poor strata of the society rather he is serving the humanity by cremating un identified dead body and providing Ambulance services, RO mineral water at railway station at Mukerian station.


लावारिस शवों का अस्थि विसर्जन

लावारिस शवों का दाह संस्कार कर अस्थियां करते है गंगा में विसर्जित – the service of ‘Asthi visarjan ,Tarpan and Pind Daan’ – In “TRETA YUG” jatayu the monarch of the bird species had Lord Rama as his adopted son, for the purpose of getting his last rites performed, especially “THE PIND DAAN”



By reading and assimilating the holy books, one can get out of “KUMBI PAK NARAK’ One’s parents are the four Dhams. By serving them one can attain salvation. I personally feel that for the salvation of our “Pitres” we should perform “HAVAN” “YAGYA” and “TARPAN”.

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