I feel proud in acknowledging and appreciating the services being provided by Sh. Kumar Painter (Balder Kumar) resident of New Colony, Mukerian during the 1st and 2nd wave of Corona period.  Though it is not possible to describe the social services provided by him in words yet I pen some of those as under:

  • Provide help to bring patient from their homes for quarantine or hospital for treatment.
  • Help in disposal of the unidentified dead bodies in their cremation.
  • He also came forward to cremate those dead bodies where its near dears were reluctant to came forward to receive their bodies.
  • He is not only perform funeral of deceased patients but also do ‘asthivisarajan with pind Daan & Tarpan’ alongwith  immersing theirs ashes in holy Ganga at Haridwar.
  • He is maintaining two ambulances for the help of the needy people for bringing to the patients to Hospital.
  • He is also maintaining hearse for the movement of deceased patients free of cost.
  • He helped the administration in distributing dry ration to the needies during the Corona period.

Thus one can say that he is not only serving the poor but serving the humanity. Especially the services rendered during Corona period were par excellence.  I personally wish him all success in his endeavor to continue these services.


By Deputy Commissioner, Hoshiarpur


Thank you all for your support.