लावारिस शवों का दाह संस्कार कर अस्थियां करते है गंगा में विसर्जित गरीब और लावारिस मृतकों के ‘कुल दीपक’ गरीबों और असहाय लोगों की मदद करने से मिलता है सुकून – कुमार पेंटर मुकेरियां । निशुल्क अस्थि कलशों को गंगा में विसर्जित अस्थियों का विसर्जन आत्माओं को मोक्ष की प्राप्ति – गंगा की गोद में विसर्जन – No doubt we have seen some people in different cities doing such services but the service of ‘Asthi visarjan ,Tarpan and Pind Daan’ as last rites being performed by them, for unidentified dead bodies, make their services of par excellence. Though their services have been recognised by the different social and Public organisations at different plateform yet they deserve to be recognised at State/National level. His services during Corona 2nd waive, is also an exemplary services.

In “TRETA YUG” jatayu the monarch of the bird species had Lord Rama as his adopted son, for the purpose of getting his last rites performed, especially “THE PIND DAAN” This particular episode had a deep emotional effect on me and there and then I decided to dedicate my whole life for the salvation of the orphaned dead.

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