Awareness: people are not aware of the educational platforms available to them. Our aim is to provide free education and other material for support underprivileged and poor children, girl child and give support for the children’s health. This is an opportunity to contribute to the cause. Organising collection drives for books, stationery or other such materials and donating it to the underprivileged can be a great way of helping and supporting them in attaining education.

There are many families that need your help in these difficult time and we are putting in all possible efforts to help more and more such families throughout India. We are making constant efforts to reach out to families in dire need with the help of our campaign. we rely on generous donors for support.

How you can donate –

We thank you for choosing Asthi Visarjan Kumar, our non-profit organisation (NGO), for your donation.

Support A Cause –

All our efforts are made possible only because of your support. Your donations are tax exempted under 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. Every drop in the ocean counts. No matter how small you think your contribution may be, we assure you that it’ll make a big difference.

Please find below, relevant information for making donations to our organisation: If you’d like to donate offline, you can do so through any of the following ways:

Cheques/Demand Drafts: You can send these to us either directly or contact us for a pick up.

Scan our UPI code from any of the payment apps on your phone to donate. Once you’ve done so, write to us at or call us – 9417048601 with your transaction number and personal details like name, email ID, mobile number and PAN number.

Google Pay-9417048601,

PNB A/C- 3434000107257460, IFSC- PUNB034

Ways of Giving

Donate through Cheque / DD, Google Pay, Donate in Honor, Memory, Special Occasion, Kind, Donation of Your Choice.

Hence, the question that arises here is how can an individual or general public help poor people get education?

Here are some of the ways that one can consider-

  • Donation
  • Volunteering
  • Tutoring the underprivileged
  • Organising collection drives
  • Organising fundraising events 

Thank you all for your support.